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Classic soaps in a minimal version: the White Brique line

Products of excellence with classic fragrances and an understated look


Soaps are like shoes: no matter how many you have around the home, be they brand new, multicoloured or in fashion, you’ll always fall back on that one pair of old boots or pumps that never let you down and fit you to perfection. The same can be said for more classic and traditional fragrances, which we are fondest of, to the point of being unable to imagine life without them.

The White Brique line is the latest addition to the Alchimia Soap offering of cosmetic products and perfectly fulfils this type of requirement. It features modern soaps with classic fragrances, characterised by an exquisitely understated look: let’s find out more.


White Brique Line by Alchimia Soap: characteristics and properties

White Brique is one of the lines of the Alchimia Soap collection, featuring natural soaps with original fragrances that are presented in a distinctively elegant way, drawing inspiration from and reinterpreting the Classic Line of products. True to the Italian tradition of artisan excellence, the design and fragrance selection of liquid soaps and body care products are reinterpreted with an understated and modern twist.

White Brique line products are superlative quality soaps, entirely made in Italy using nothing but prime quality ingredients. They are delicate on the skin and strike a refined chord with the most receptive of our senses: smell, with pleasant and seducing fragrances, and vision, with eye-catching packaging. The understated design is based on the skilful use of colours, juxtaposed with a white background, and on essential, stylised graphic lines, resulting in a simple yet highly effective visual presentation of each fragrance.


Products and fragrances of the White Brique line

The White Brique line features three different types of cosmetic products:

  • 500 ml liquid soaps, delicate cleansers enriched with plant extracts, with the use of natural and rigorously selected ingredients, which respect the skin, leaving it soft and fragrant;
  • 500 ml shower gel, shower gel with natural lavender and aloe extracts that nourish the skin, ideal for anyone looking for a quality and fragranced shower gel that leaves a lasting and intense aroma on the entire body;
  • 250 ml body cream, a delicate body lotion fragranced with calendula extract and sweet almond oil for unbeatably soft skin; an authentic body milk that nourishes and moisturises the skin.

All soaps, shower gels and creams of the White Brique line are available in the following fragrances, in an extensive selection that satisfies all tastes:

  • Coconut, for a sweet and delicate sensation on skin, with a powerfully exotic feel;
  • Lavender, one of the most commonly used and popular fragrances in aromatherapy; natural and rich;
  • Lemon, a fragrance bursting with freshness and energy, with its citrus and Mediterranean notes;
  • White musk, an enveloping and talcum fragrance that conveys sensations of relaxation and sweetness;
  • Rose, with all the delicateness of the most loved flower and the freshness of its natural fragrance.
  • Vanilla, a fragrance that characterises the sweetest and most enveloping soaps, for a seductive olfactory experience.

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