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Oud-scented soaps for men

Products with agarwood essence are considered globally as the most valuable ones


Alchimia Soap presents its range of oud-scented soaps among its most valuable artisanal soaps. Oud is a highly sought-after and stylish scent obtained from a rare and precious essential oil. Let’s learn more about this ingredient and its olfactory value.


What is Oud, and where do we get it from?

Oud (or Oudh) is the name of the essential oil obtained from agarwood, often called in the same way. Agarwood is not an actual plant but a dark resin resulting from a type of mould that forms on the heartwood of southeast Asia’s trees (e.g. Acquilaria). This dark aromatic resin releases a unique, intense fragrance. That’s why agarwood is used in Buddhist, Ayurvedic, Arabic and Tibetan religious practices. It’s also known as the “wood of gods” because it was transformed into coils and burnt as incense to perfume rooms and purify souls.

It’s widely used from the Far East all the way to the United Arab Emirates, where it got the name it’s most famous with: Oud.



Oud: essential oil and fragrance

Oud essential oil is obtained by distilling resinous agarwood. And since it’s rare and valuable, it has become the latest trend on the market. Oud fragrance is unique and varies depending on the tree it is obtained from. Its olfactory profile is highly complex and multifaceted. Therefore, you can smell woody notes, spicy scents, sweeter and more bitter tones, a leathery undertone and a balsamic element, as well as smoky and animal traits.

That’s why Oud fragrance is used in high-end cosmetic products. Oud perfumes with a strong musky component are the most popular, but this ingredient is also used for making fine soaps.


Alchimia Soap’s men’s Oud products

liquid soap oud Alchimia Soap for men

Alchimia Soap, an Italian brand of artisanal soaps, dedicates an entire range of cosmetic products to men’s beauty, including the following Oud-scented soaps:

Discover all the products of Alchimia Soap’s men’s range and buy them online

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