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Personalized soaps and private label cosmetics

Products on request with special fragrances, bottles and soaps with logo

Customized fragrances and cosmetic lines with artisanal production

Alchimia Soap is also a manufacturer of handmade soaps on behalf of third parties for all those – companies, individuals and commercial activities – who wish to customize products with particular perfumes and fragrances for the most varied uses: occasions, anniversaries, corporate gifts, free samples, promotional gadgets, kits for hotels and SPAs.

Our custom cosmetic production service takes care of the conception and development of products at 360°, starting from the customer’s requests up to delivery, and includes:

  • the personalization of scented soaps with tailor-made essences and the search for specific olfactory scents;
  • the creation of liquid soaps, bar soaps, shower gels and body creams with customized packaging, logo and graphics, for distributors and brands;
  • the creation of private label cosmetic lines for commercial use in hotels, wellness centers, accommodation facilities, etc., even with turnkey projects.

Small supplies and large quantity production

Higly competitive costs

Quality standards of excellence

Personalized soaps and soaps made in our laboratories

Request a personalized scented soap

Are you interested in making a handmade soap or a line of scented products in private label customized on the basis of your requests and your tastes? Fill in the following fields to submit your needs, our experts will get in touch with you to work out together the most suitable solution for you.