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Aloe Vera, soap’s skin soothing and regenerating ingredient

The beneficial virtues of aloe vera


Natural soaps exploit the properties of the plants and herbs containing active compounds that make them particularly effective for skin care. And aloe vera is one of the most precious ingredients for body care products.


Aloe vera: properties and uses

The origins of aloe vera are traced back to the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, and sometimes South America. This plant was already widely used for its healing properties in ancient Egypt and Rome. Aloe vera belongs to the Asphodelaceae family and grows in hot climates. Its leaves give two precious extracts:

  • Aloe vera juice, which is rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds involved in metabolic processes and was mainly used as a natural laxative;


  • Aloe vera gel, obtained from the inner part of the leaves, is rich in vitamins, minerals (including iron), amino acids, mucilage, and enzymes. In addition, unlike the juice, aloe vera gel contains no anthraquinones, which can irritate the intestinal mucosa.

aloe vera

Aloe vera has more than one hundred active compounds, which is why it’s widely used in herbal medicine and cosmetics. It has multiple beneficial effects. For example, it’s an excellent skin soother and it protects the mucosa. In addition, it has healing and anti-inflammatory properties and boosts immunity.


Aloe vera soap

What makes aloe vera particularly popular is its effects on the skin. In particular, aloe vera gel helps combat skin inflammation and bacterial dermatitis, reduces pain and redness, heals wounds and abrasions promoting tissue regeneration, soothes the skin after burns and sunburns and protects it from UV radiation, and provides relief from insect bites and irritation.

All these properties make aloe vera the perfect natural ingredient for soap, skincare, and body care products. Even Alchimia Soap artisan products, made with select natural and eco-compatible ingredients, include aloe vera for its beneficial effects on the skin. For example, the shower gel from the White Brique range with various fragrances contains natural aloe vera and lavender extracts.

Moreover, the elegant products from the Alchimia range also include aloe vera soap bars, liquid soap, shower gel, and body lotion with a fresh and energising fragrance.

liquid soap aloe vera

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