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Coconut soaps. The feel of exotic sweetness on your skin

A fresh and tropical fragrance, with a scent that reminds you of summer days


Some scents immediately awaken our sense of smell because they are specific fragrances and emotions that you can place in time. The fragrant notes trigger images that are connected to seasons and special periods of time that can be pinpointed on your calendar. One of these scents is undoubtedly coconut, and in our minds it evokes images and feelings that are true symbols of the warm months of the year. When we bathe with a coconut scented soap, we also enjoy that same warmth on our skin.


Coconut: plant, fruit, derivatives

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm. The plant’s scientific name is Cocos nucifera, and it is a tropical plant that grows mainly in India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Brazil. In fact the origin of the term “coconut” comes from Portuguese meaning “head”. Based on the records of the first people who discovered the Americas, it seems that the Native people would use coconut like we use pumpkins, carving the fruit to make it look human and divine.

The fruit of the coconut palm is actually the coconut, a very large drupe that can weigh as much as 1 kilogram. It takes approximately 12-13 months for a coconut to ripen. The edible part of the coconut is the white inner pulp. The pulp is sweet, and it can be squeezed to produce coconut milk. Coconut milk is not to be confused with coconut water, which is actually the liquid naturally contained inside the still unripe, almost colourless coconuts. Also it is different from coconut oil, which is obtained from the fruit’s almond and which has many health benefits.

coconut fragrance


Properties and fragrance of coconut, for sweet-smelling soaps

The coconut is a fruit with many properties and benefits: it has a high energy value, it is an excellent source of minerals and it exerts an antioxidant effect on the body. The taste of coconut is particularly sweet and mouth-watering and it is commonly associated with summer, partly because it is tradition to see people selling coconut on beaches (they will yell “fresh coconut, beautiful coconut!” to get your attention), and partly because of the amazing thirst-quenching ability of this fruit. It is perfect for rehydrating on hot days at the beach.

The scent of coconut is a sweet, tropical fragrance that immediately calls to mind the fruit’s flavour. It is an enveloping essence that distinctly captures fresh, exotic notes, and it is capable of transporting us far away to the sandy beaches of an island while under the shade of a palm tree. Also, the coconut palm and the coconut are characterized by a long ritual tradition whereby the fruit is a symbol of prosperity, good luck and an enjoyment of the favours of nature.

Coconut soap is a classic in the world of cosmetic body items, but in Alchimia Soap’s handcrafted, vegetable-based soaps it finds its fullest expression because we use the best, pure, top selected raw materials, rigorously with Made in Italy processing. Our soaps with coconut fragrance encompass all the sweet, tropical freshness of this plant and its fruit, making your skin feel refreshed and extraordinarily soft.

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