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Sandalwood soaps: relaxing sensations for the skin and soul

Sandalwood’s properties


Sandalwood is a popular ingredient in cosmetics because of its unique aroma that can evoke deep emotions and promote self-awareness. It even has beneficial effects on the skin. So, let’s discover all the properties of sandalwood soaps.


Sandalwood: plant, origin, and characteristics

Sandalwood is a fragrance obtained from Citrine sandalwood: Santalum album (or Indian Sandalwood), a tropical evergreen tree native to India and South Asia, attains a height of approximately 10 meters and boasts a lifespan of a century. Adorned with small pink blossoms, it thrives within lush, humid forests. Sandalwood essential oil is obtained from the valuable wood of this resinous plant, known for thousands of years. Its particular fragrance has provided an aromatic canvas for many sacred rituals. In the East, its wood was used to build temples and deity statues, as meditation and prayer incense in Hindu and Buddhist practices, and as an ointment to embalm kings or in cremation ceremonies.

The symbolism of sandalwood encompasses its remarkably resilient wood (immune even to termites), offering protection against evil spirits. Within the realm of yoga, sandalwood is intertwined with concepts of sexual energy and the tantric dimension. In addition, sandalwood symbolises rebirth and spiritual purification.

sandalwood tree


Sandalwood soap for men: properties and benefits

Sandalwood is mainly known for its relaxing properties. Its essential oil has a persistent woody and resinous fragrance that deeply impacts the emotional and psychological sphere. Sandalwood scent activates the brain’s right hemisphere, soothes the soul, alleviates tension, and fosters self-awareness while reconnecting the mind and senses. Sandalwood is also used in yoga to help meditation, partially due to its positive effects on breathing by promoting lung expansion and relaxation.

Moreover, sandalwood has an anti-inflammatory and anti-infective effect on the skin with balsamic, healing and soothing properties. That’s why it’s highly used in aromatherapy and the cosmetic industry. Typically, sandalwood soaps are for men. They are gentle on the skin, leaving a pleasant feeling of softness and an intense fragrance. The pleasing scent of sandalwood is also known to soothe the senses, alleviate stress, and bring serenity.

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