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Almond soaps: natural gentleness on the skin

A mild, celestial fragrance with a unique personality


Our scented soaps have special properties and a distinctive fragrance resulting from the plant-based oils they contain. This applies especially to our almond soap, which embodies the multiple virtues and profound meanings of this spring-blooming shrub.


Almonds: origins and cultivation

Almond trees are considered fruit trees, even though the almonds are not the fruit of the tree but rather the seed enclosed in a hull or drupe. Almond trees’ origins are traced back to Asia from where they spread throughout the Mediterranean basin. Today, it is regarded as a Mediterranean crop. Moreover, they have existed since ancient times. The Bible repeatedly mentions the almond tree, indicating how prevalent and significant it was in Jewish culture. Italy is a major global almond producer due to its Mediterranean climate and the plant’s resistance to extreme temperatures and harsh winters.

Usually, almond trees bloom in early spring (in some areas, even in late winter), marking the transition to the warmer season. Its white blossoms embellish the bare branches of this small, long-lived plant, creating a wonderful yet fleeting effect as they are rather fragile and tend to fall off at the first gusts of wind or thunderstorms. Usually, almonds are harvested in August and left to dry under the sun before being marketed.



Almond: fragrance and meaning

The almond scent is instantly recognisable. It’s a distinctive, vaguely toasted fragrance that hints at summer and milk, given its sweetness, enchanting all the senses. The almond blossom symbolises the transience of life and spiritual and physical rebirth. According to a Greek legend, Athens transformed Phyllis into an almond tree after she took her life believing that her lover, Demophoon, had died. However, Demophoon returned from war and when he embraced the tree, it sprouted hundreds of white blossoms as a sign of Phyllis’ love for him.

The almond’s sweetness and delicacy give life to a wide range of Alchimia Soap products, including artisanal soap bars, liquid soaps, body lotions, and shower gels. These products will make you feel the almond’s natural warmth on your skin, hydrating it while respecting its pH. Our almond-scented soaps revive sensations of freshness and softness and release the unmistakable essence of its blossoms.

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