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Calendula officinalis, the plant with soothing and regenerative properties

Calendula body creams for softer, healthier skin


Calendula: the plant and its qualities

The calendula (scientific name Calendula officinalis) is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae or daisy family, like the dandelion and artemisia. From a botanical perspective, it is a herbaceous plant, commonly occurring in Italy but not grown ornamentally, with stems growing to less than a metre tall (70 cm on average) and producing yellow or orange flowers. The calendula’s flowering period is in late spring and throughout the summer. These flowers, which are also edible, are used to extract calendula essential oil, rich in active ingredients, which is why this plant has always been used for medicinal purposes.

The beneficial properties of calendula

The essential oils extracted from Calendula officinalis contain a concentration of substances beneficial to the body and health including flavonoids, carotenes, tannins, sterols and many other active ingredients. The healing properties of calendula have been known since ancient times, and the Egyptians even considered it a kind of elixir of youth while other cultures, such as the Greeks, attributed great symbolic and ornamental value to its petals.

The health benefits of calendula relate, in particular, to its anticoagulant, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that calendula is recommended for:

  • treating burns and scalds;
  • soothing skin inflammation or redness;
  • treating minor injuries and rashes;
  • regenerating the skin and combating dry or chapped skin;
  • lowering the blood pressure and heart rate and combating hypertension;
  • reducing blood cholesterol levels;
  • regulating the menstrual cycle and relieving period pain;
  • aiding rapid recovery from colds and flu.

Calendula body cream: Alchimia Soap products

Calendula is widely used in the cosmetic and medical fields, and creams containing calendula are recommended for the care and well-being of the skin, having a beneficial and regenerative effect on the epidermis as well as a pleasant and distinctive calendula fragrance. Alchimia Soap’s Italian-made body care products also include two calendula body lotions:

  • Alchimia Body Lotion 300 ml, a gentle body milk in various fragrances (from citrus fruits to almond, magnolia, and vanilla&chocolate), whose calendula extract makes it kind to the skin, nourishing it and leaving it soft and fragrant. This lotion’s qualities also include the elegant packaging that distinguishes the Alchimia Line, inspired by the retro design of botanical illustrations.

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  • Body Lotion For Man 340 ml from the Men’s Line, a body cream for men designed especially for the well-being of male skin. The high-quality ingredients of this scented body lotion feature sweet almond oil as well as Calendula officinalis flower extract, with its skin-softening properties, making this product an ideal cream to apply to the whole body after the shower when the skin is still damp.

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