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Eco-friendly soaps for World Earth Day

World Earth Day 2024: even beauty products can be green

On Monday, 22 April 2024, the world celebrates Earth Day, an event established to sensitise global public opinion on the human-nature relationship and the urgent need to safeguard our planet. To do so, each one of us must play our part, even with a small gesture, like choosing eco-friendly body care products. On our side, we commit to producing them.


World Earth Day: meaning and tangible actions

Why is World Earth Day celebrated every year on the 22 April? This date follows the spring equinox when nature starts waking. It is officially promoted by the United Nations (UN). However, a similar tradition existed in the 1970s, albeit more driven by ideas of peace and harmony with nature.

Today, Earth Day has taken on environmental significance, with the entire month of April designated as “Earth Month”. However, the underlying theme is to work together internationally to protect our planet from everything threatening its survival, including pollution, devastation, land consumption, environmental degradation, and uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources.

Besides questioning the human-nature relationship, this event invites the world’s population to take action to celebrate and protect the Earth. In addition to macro themes such as recycling resources, increasing renewable energies, and limiting polluting activities, World Earth Day encourages each one of us to make daily environmentally friendly choices, asking ourselves what we can do to help turn the tide.


Alchimia Soap’s sustainable cosmetics: artisanal, plant-based soaps packaged by respecting the environment

green sustainable soaps by Alchimia Soap

The wellness and cosmetics industry contributes less to global pollution than many other sectors. The main problem is the emission of greenhouse gases to produce and transport beauty products and dispose of their packaging—aspects that the cosmetics industry has been working on to reduce its environmental impact and find alternative sustainable solutions. Even consumers are more and more sensitive to green topics, preferring products that express the position of the manufacturers and dealers.

Alchimia’s planet-friendly body care range results from production cycles geared towards the green transition. At Alchimia Soap, we foster our relationship with nature, our main source of inspiration and ingredients for our products. We were the first Italian company to make plant-based soaps without animal fats. Our cosmetic products feature formulations crafted from pure ingredients, such as herbs, plants, flowers, and vegetable oils, complemented by scented essences that define our range. These gentle, environmentally friendly products are sourced from the purest elements of the natural world.

Another sustainable choice involves the packaging of soaps, creams, and shower gels. Our goal is to reduce plastic, using recycled plastic bottles and paper for the packaging of body care products. Alchimia Soap’s soap bars stand out for their elegant paper wrapping decorated with the delicate design of our ranges, created from pure Italian eco-friendly cellulose, and hand-packed with recycled tape.

That’s why buying Alchimia Soap’s artisanal soaps means choosing a safe, quality and sustainable product.

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