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Alchimia Soap’s new honey-based soaps

Soap bars, liquid soaps, shower gels and body lotions


Spring has sprung, and so has our range of artisanal soaps and body care products. It’s time for a new fragrance to join our traditional and most represented Alchimia range: honey, the sweet nectar provided by nature.


Honey-based body care products: sweetness and other properties

Honey is a natural ingredient that provides multiple properties to cosmetic formulations. This ingredient produced by bees has been known and used since ancient times for its therapeutic qualities and as a beauty product, particularly for its effects on the skin.

Honey is a natural remedy for pimples and skin impurities; it moisturises the skin due to the sugars it contains, soothes reddened skin, has an effective anti-ageing and antioxidant effect on skin cells, and acts as an exfoliant to restore the skin’s shine.

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honey in soaps

Among all our delicate and skin-friendly Italian-made products, we couldn’t resist including a range of honey soaps. These soaps offer numerous benefits for the skin and boast the sweet, velvety fragrance characteristic of natural honey. This aroma is the result of bees’ diligent work, collecting nectar from flowers and creating this enveloping and welcoming scent.


Honey-based soaps and body care products for sale online

Alchimia Soap honey soap bar

honey solid soap by Alchimia Soap

A honey-scented soap (200 g) resulting from Alchimia Soap’s artisanal process. Ideal for daily detersion. This plant-based soap contains top-quality, natural, skin-safe ingredients and naturally sourced limonene for a citrus note and an extra boost to the soap’s detoxifying action.

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Alchimia Soap honey body lotion

honey body lotion Alchimia Soap

What’s better than the fragrance of honey on your skin? Our honey body lotion (300 ml) is a gentle product to be applied all over the body after showering and on any occasion, even several times a day, while the skin is still moist, for soft, healthy skin. The formulation of this body lotion (entirely made in Italy with top-quality ingredients) includes marigold flowers and sweet almond oil to nurture the skin, while the honey essence enhances its scent on the body.

Alchimia Soap honey body lotion


Alchimia Soap honey liquid soap

honey liquid soap Alchimia Soap

Liquid soap for daily cleansing with the sweet fragrance of honey in elegant and refined packaging. Indulge in the natural sweetness of honey with Alchimia’s honey soap (500 ml), suitable for all skin types. Experience a velvety and gentle caress on your hands and face, enriched with surfactants of vegetable origin and extracts of grapefruit, lavender, tomato, and echinacea to nourish your skin cells.

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Alchimia Soap honey shower gel

honey shower gel Alchimia Soap

Complete this range of products with the new honey shower gel, ideal for a regenerating shower or bath. The sweet, intense honey fragrance gently imprints the skin, while the natural extracts of lavender and aloe help nourish and soften it, restoring its natural glow.

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