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Black pepper soap for men

Masculine solid vegetable soap with Black Pepper fragrance


Soaps for men and other masculine cosmetic products distinguish themselves due to highly original fragrances, which express all the beauty, purity and freshness of body products through olfactory notes from the masculine world: woody like cedar or sandalwood, earthy like vetiver, or multifaceted and complex, like tobacco.


Black pepper, a spicy and precious spice

Black pepper is a spice obtained from a perennial plant of the Piperaceae family, of which Piper nigrum is the best-known species. This shrub is native to India and has since come to be cultivated in all tropical climates, as it thrives in humid soils. Its fruits, contained in drupes, are harvested and used to obtain different types of pepper:

  • black pepper is obtained from the unripe fruit, left to dry in the sun;
  • white pepper comes from the seed of the fruit and is obtained by means of a drying process;
  • green pepper comes from the unripe fruit and is preserved in brine, or using other methods.

pink pepper comes from a different plant and presents a typically milder flavour.

Spiciness is the main characteristic of black pepper, making it widely used in the kitchen. It is given by piperine, a colourless alkaloid substance contained in the seed and pulp of black pepper. In ancient times, in addition to its use as a condiment, pepper was also used to preserve foods, in virtue of the piperine it contains, making it a highly precious spice. Moreover, like many other plants it also had a medicinal use, with the exploitation of its specific properties for therapeutic purposes.

black pepper fragrance for soaps


Black pepper soap: fragrance and properties

Black pepper is considered to be a natural remedy that wards off or relieves different ailments. Many of its beneficial properties are attributable to piperine, which is what makes this spice so pungent. For example, black pepper aids digestion, also contributing towards the absorption of nutrients; it is also considered to be an effective eupeptic, against stomach ache; black pepper also has a recognised thermogenic function, i.e. the capacity to stimulate thermogenesis and lipid metabolism, thus helping to burn fats and counteract obesity. Black pepper is also a powerful anti-depressant, stimulating endorphin synthesis, as well as an antiseptic, expectorant and aphrodisiac; it is also renowned as a powerful irritant of eyes and the airways.

But what is the fragrance of black pepper? In this case the piperine component is left out of the essential oil, depriving it of its most pungent notes, resulting in a spicy, warm and intense fragrance with a woody, amber, subtly sweet and inebriating background: a fragrance that conveys sensuality and passion, with hints of freshness and vitality. All these qualities are palpable in solid soap with black pepper of the Alchimia Soap masculine line, a body care product for men, for healthy, fragranced and toned skin, thanks to the properties of black pepper and the composition of Alchimia Soap vegetable soaps, made in Italy using superlative quality ingredients.

Discover the solid soap with black pepper for men

solid soap for men black pepper - Alchimia Soap

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